Hello camera, nice to meet you again

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I’ve recently found myself in a bit of funk – I should know by now that moving to a new town is the quickest way to feeling off balance. After a weekend sightseeing and exploring some of the Victorian High Country last week I felt inspired to whip out my camera for the first time in, well years. It turned out to be the perfect time to reacquaint myself with my Nikon D3000.

I’ve been undecided for years now whether or not I should start investing in upgrading my equipment. I went into the Easter long weekend thinking that the only way I was going to start enjoying photography again was with an expensive new lens. I was, and still am dreading the thought of shelling out a few hundred dollars for the lens that I want, but I was also pleasantly surprised at what I was able to accomplish with just my kit lens that has been with me since the beginning.

My main goal for the weekend was to try out some techniques that I haven’t in a while and just photograph whatever happened to catch my eye. With the Albury Botanical Gardens as my playground, I set out on Easter Sunday to get to know my camera again and hopefully find a bit of passion again.

I discovered two things. The first being my basic kit lens is actually pretty versatile, something I wish I would have forced myself to realise years ago. The second thing? It was exciting testing my skills and being inspired by what was around me. This energy is a wonderful feeling and I’m not going to let it slip away.

Here are a few of my favourite snaps from the gardens and a drive in the mountains the day before. Enjoy!

Landscape view of the Albury Botanical Gardens
Nikon D3000 f/8 1/250 sec.
Hibiscus flower at the Albury Botanical Gardens
Nikon D3000 f/8 1/100 sec.
Bokeh at the Albury Botanical Gardens
Nikon D3000 f/4 1/500 sec.
Red flowers at the Albury Botanical Gardens
Nikon D3000 f/8 1/60 sec.
Beverly Hills palm tree vibe at the Albury Botanical Gardens
Nikon D3000 f/10 1/250 sec.
Road signs at Tawonga Gap between Mt. Beauty and Bright in the Victorian High Country
Nikon D3000 f/5 1/800 sec.
white flowers at the Albury Botanical Gardens
Nikon D3000 f/8 1/400 sec.

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