Winter weekend waterfall watching

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One thing that I love about Albury and The Border region is there is so much to do within an hour’s drive. Give yourself two hours and there is even more. Danny and I have been making every effort to explore our new home since an hour’s drive in Sydney was just to the next suburb over, we don’t want to waste our newfound adventure freedom.
Today’s drive was to Eurobin falls just outside of Bright, Victoria on the way to Mount Buffalo. The falls only flow when there has been enough rain, and with the deluge we’ve been having the last few weeks now is definitely a good time to check it out. Even though the falls are in Mount Buffalo National Park, there is no fee to get in and it’s a fun drive on some winding (sealed) country roads.

There is a 750m walking trail that takes you to two lookout points, almost to the top of the falls; to get to the very top, there is another trial that takes you across the top of the plateau. We parked at the base of the trail, there were a few other hikers but the chilly probably kept most people away this weekend. Even from the bottom of the trail, you can hear the power of the rushing water and can feel the movement in the air created by the falls.

Armed with my favourite puff-ball beanie and just my Galaxy S6 camera, we began the hour round-trip hike up to Lower and Upper Eurobin Falls. The trial is quite narrow, but the incline isn’t steep and there are plenty of rocks that create natural steps. There are signs everywhere warning you not to stray from the marked track and about the slippery rocks, but we didn’t have any issues with our footing and the views from the track are spectacular so wandering closer to the river isn’t necessary.

About half way up, the track cuts across the river, with a swimming hole and a cave to explore – this would be perfect for a second visit in summer when it isn’t only 2 degrees outside. I would also like to revisit with my Nikon D3000 to try out a few focusing techniques that I’ve been practicing.


At the top of the trail you’ll find yourself looking up at the cliff face, smoothed by millions of litres of water which have flowed over it. It’s quite an impressive view and would be even better to see from the top – which will be an adventure for another day. The road in is also perfect for the RX-7, there are so many places that I want to take her, and the list just keeps growing.

cliff face

The return trip was much faster, as this time we had gravity to help us and we were keen to reward our efforts with a burger and beer from the Bright Brewery, which is only about 20 minutes from the entrance to the national park.

Now, sitting at home under a blanket with the heater cranking and Masterchef on in the background, I already want to start researching a destination for our next day trip!

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