This time last year

This time last year Mark Winterbottom was poised to win his first championship  One year later, a new first-time champion has been crowned, leaving the veterans to contemplate their own mortality in this game. This time last year, I was in awe of everything around me and I was doing my best to not be […]

Lazy Sunday

It rained today. Not the miserable, drenching rain that we’ve had for months, but a soft, welcoming rain. The air was warm and smelled very familiar. No matter where I have lived, the rain during a rain shower always smells the same, yet it’s so unique that I don’t think I have ever found anything […]

Winter weekend waterfall watching

One thing that I love about Albury and The Border region is there is so much to do within an hour’s drive. Give yourself two hours and there is even more. Danny and I have been making every effort to explore our new home since an hour’s drive in Sydney was just to the next […]

Hello camera, nice to meet you again

I’ve recently found myself in a bit of funk – I should know by now that moving to a new town is the quickest way to feeling off balance. After a weekend sightseeing and exploring some of the Victorian High Country last week I felt inspired to whip out my camera for the first time […]

What do you get for the car that has everything?

If you know me, you know that I have a passion for anything with four wheels that goes fast – not really into motorbikes but hey they are still pretty cool. Career wise, my dream job would be working in a media/marketing/comms. role that has to do with motorsport or cars in general (a recap of […]

The power of perseverance

I feel that this is a fitting topic for my first post, given that I had every intention of my first post being months ago. With just under 10 weeks until the end of my final semester of my undergrad, the subject of perseverance has never been more prominent. For those who don’t know my […]